Keep your Customers Reading Your Website

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Keep your Customers Reading Your Website

The importance of having an excellent website these days cannot be overstated. If your potential customer or client does not like browsing through your site, or cannot get the information that they require immediately, then they will click away to your competitor’s site and you may never get them back.

Make it Attractive!

Ugly sites have a loud and brash presence that are not easy on the eyes, making the information hard to read. So people click elsewhere. Use of attractive, complimentary and readable fonts and colours that suit your business will convey a specific feel within the customer. The aim is to keep your viewers reading and clicking more pages on your site. Your webpage should directly compliment your company brand and the ethos you want to convey. Holdem Guide is a great site to visit for a sense of how a business uses their website to put across a certain feel to a specific demographic.

Lots of Relevant Content

Having technical guides, blog posts or additional information that is relevant to your customer’s needs enables you to keep your readers browsing through your own site and not a competitors website. Great titles to blog posts or articles are key to getting readers to click and read. And this information should be up to date, focused on what the user would be looking for and well written enough to hold their attention. Providing an FAQ will also show the customer that you a customer-centric and know what the want and how to solve their problems.

Clean and Organised

There is nothing worse than trying to find something on a website only to keep being getting stuck in a loop where you can’t find what you are looking for. So, keep navigation logical, make use of clear and uncluttered pages, keep your website architecture robust and speedy to load and make sure important pages are easy to find.