How to Motivate Employees Without Promoting or Increasing Salary

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How to Motivate Employees Without Promoting or Increasing Salary

There are millions of businesses across the UK and many of them suffer from the same problem of understanding how to best motivate employees. The de facto thing that so many employers go to in order to improve employee productivity is by deciding that they have to either give them a bonus, increase their salary, or promote them. The reality is that you could promote someone and it could actually harm their productivity. There are ways to motivate employees without having to do any of those things.

Professional Development Opportunities

Let your employees have the freedom to seek out professional development opportunities. Show the employees that you have a vested interest in their development and that you want to see them succeed. When you are willing to help employees go back to school for a graduate degree or a professional certification, it can help motivate employees that much more. Even if it’s holding more frequent in-house training, it is all about building trust between you and the employee so that they want to work harder.

Directly Involve Employees with Company Performance

Employees want to know that what they are doing is having an impact on the overall company. Involve them by helping them secure shares through share incentive plan, so that they understand how their production directly impacts company performance in one way or another. By doing this they may have more of an understanding of why they do certain things and may perform them with a bit more urgency. A share incentive plan can be one of the most effective ways of rewarding employees.

Bi-Weekly Coaching

Every single manager should be having bi-weekly coaching sessions with all of their employees in a one-on-one environment. When you want to motivate employees, you have to talk to them. These coaching sessions should largely be driven by the employee so that you can help them get to where they want to be. This is where you will discover if there are morale issues, maybe their productivity is lacking because they do not have the right knowledge or equipment, or something along those lines. The coaching sessions can prove to be wildly valuable to employee development.